Frequently Asked Questions

Just B Gin offers a diverse range of handcrafted gins with unique flavors, from the popular Pepper-Zest and Sloe & Mulberry to the delightful Pepper-Spice, all created with passion and expertise at their distillery in Mt Nelson, Tasmania.

Why Just B?

Tash and Fuzz wanted a new adventure, a side hustle that could become the main gig in their transition to retirement.  Just B Distillery leverages their individual and collective strengths and enables them to explore a new industry.

What happened to Plan A?

Plan A was our corporate roles – Just B is our better plan for a life well-lived.  We have both embraced portfolio careers.

What are your most popular gins?

At festivals, our most popular gins are Pepper-Zest and Sloe & Mulberry.  That said, there is a legion of fans for all our gins and coffee liqueur.

Where are you?

Our distillery is in Mt Nelson, Tasmania. It’s part of our home, so we don’t have a public cellar door.

Where can we buy or taste Just B gin and whisky?

You can buy Just B gin and whisky on our website or via our stockists (see our stockists page).

We’d love to stock your gin. Can you supply us?

Yes! We now have a steady supply of gin, including our Sloe and ever-popular Sloe & Mulberry gin.

What is sloe gin?

Sloe, also known as Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), is a thorny hedgerow plant with dark purple berries. Sloe gin is popular in the United Kingdom, where people collect sloe berries from the hedgerows and add them to a bottle of shop-bought gin. Our sloe berries come from Westbury in northern Tasmania. We start with our London-dry gin and then steep the sloe berries for six months to enable the flavour to develop. The gin is then filtered three times before it’s bottled.

What’s the difference between the Sloe and the Sloe & Mulberry gins?

To make our Sloe & Mulberry gin, we add Tasmanian mulberries, the London-dry gin, and the sloe berries. The mulberries are juicy, and we balance their tartness with some sugar – they add a fruity note to the gin.

Why can I taste almond notes in your Sloe, and Sloe & Mulberry gin?

Well done! That’s the point. You want to be able to taste the almond notes that come from the sloe pip, just like when you add apricot stone kernels to the jam to improve the flavour.

I don’t like pepper – why do you have pepper in all your core gins?

Tasmanian native pepper berries are an iconic botanical that offer heat and a unique mouth feel. Our three core gins all have pepper berries in them, but to varying degrees. It’s worth trying Pepper-Rose and Pepper-Zest – you may be pleasantly surprised.

How spicy is Pepper-Spice?

Pepper-Spice features fresh chilli and ginger, it has a warming heat rather than being ferociously hot. Fuzz de-seeds the long red cayenne chillis to remove some of the extra heat.

Who makes your whisky?

White Label, Tasmania’s leading contract distillery, produces our world-class whisky designed to our specifications and matured in specialty casks chosen by Tash and Fuzz.

Who makes your gin?

We do! We use a grain base spirit from Manildra and then re-distil with the addition of our select botanicals. Everything is done by hand.

Are your botanicals organic?

As often as possible, we source organic products to make our gin. For example, our lemons and limes come from local gardens, and we hand zest and dry all our fruit.

We’d like you to do a private or corporate tasting for us …

Great! Let’s talk more. We enjoy meeting people and sharing our stories. These are fun events, and we’re happy to travel if you’re happy to pay. Alternatively, our online tasting experiences have been a great success, catering for groups across Australia.

Do you export?

Not at this stage, but we hope to in due course. For now, we can post Australia-wide. Watch this space!

What should we mix with your gins?

All our gins can be enjoyed neat, with soda or tonic. However, if you prefer a mixer, we recommend Fever-Tree as they complement our flavour profiles. When you purchase through our website, we include a free menu card matching our gins to Fever-Tree mixers.